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Small Private Retreats


Our Private Retreats include all sessions & activities below.
We also will have select products available (to order and ship).


  • 45 minute Chakra AND Aura Scans with the HEALY Resonance

  • 90 minute “Top 5” Conditions Scans/Transmits Frequencies with the HEALY Resonance

  • 30 minutes in the Theta Chamber – Select up to 3 Light Frequencies Transmitted (Phoenix)

  • 30 minutes in a state-of-the-art Infrared Bed recognized by NASA (Phoenix)

  • 90 minutes Crystal Light Bed with Reiki, Reflexology & Scans

  • 60 minutes at Sedona Tachyon Healing Center, includes one 20 minute session in the faster-than-light-particles Tachyon Chamber, and two Thera-Gem Technologies, directing resonant and restorative frequencies for balance, peace, and energy while laying down.

  • 30 minutes in the full-body (private standing or seated) Photon Genius Infra-Red Sauna, best known for lymphatic drainage, while simultaneously addressing scores of other conditions

  • 30 minute AO Scan/Transmission of Frequencies for Parasites and numerous other conditions

  • 20 minutes (x3) Sessions, laying down for the oxygenating and enlivening Chi Machine

  • 15 minute experience (x3) with the Vibranz Infra-Red Cold Lasers and Ionizer – Red, Green & Violet –  restoring mitochondria.

  • 45 minute Salt Bath in Zero Gravity Chair

  • Walking a Labyrinth

  • Walking/learning from a Medicine Wheel

  • Visiting accessible places of energy at Vortexes on the Land

  • Treasure Mapping the Elements of Nature discovered within and without

  • Shopping for and activating your own personal crystals with guidance

  • Free consultation about high frequency Liquid Supplements 



Includes all above PLUS:

  • FULL MOON at an accessible Vortex on the Land

  • SPRING EQUINOX at a special event in Sedona



Includes all above PLUS:

  • FULL MOON at an accessible Vortex on the Land

  • SUMMER SOLSTICE at a special event in Sedona

  • Two additional days for returning to Tlaquepaque & Uptown shopping districts

  • Discovering as-yet-unvisited restaurants                         

  • OR adding an optional tour of the land of the Hopi or the Grand Canyon



Includes all above PLUS:

  • FALL EQUINOX at a special event in Sedona

  • NEW MOON at an accessible Vortex on the Land



Includes all above PLUS:

  • WINTER SOLSTICE at a special event in Sedona

  • NEW MOON at an accessible Vortex on the Land

  • Timed to conclude for a separate family rendezvous in Sedona for Christmas​



Self-Care Retreats

 Discover quantum healing from the future in the scenic Red Rocks of Sedona

  • Daily opportunities for Frequency, Light and Sound-based technologies

  • Visits on the land at Vortexes paced to integrate experiences and timed for Solstices and Equinoxes

  • Small private groups with health-conscious intent to change something in each life

Booking Process:


Book with us over the phone:

Call 928-202-9494 for a 20-30 minute free phone consultation to start — for more information and booking.

We can answer your questions and book a perfect package customized just for you.


Provide the following information in your voicemail:
  • Name & number

  • When it’s convenient for us to return your call

  • Solid dates (start and finish) when you will be in Sedona


We will return your call and discuss the retreat, what you might be interested in, and confirm schedule time(s), date(s) and any other coordination needed.


All retreat participants will be contacted by phone or messaged before the retreat.

We look forward to exploring with you!



Departure Details

  • Retreat will begin at our Center for Healing Alternatives office in West Sedona


Retreat Does Not Include

  • Gratuities

  • Food


Refund Policy

  • For a full refund, cancel at least 30 days in advance


Additional Information

  • Not wheelchair accessible

  • Service animals allowed  

  • Near public transportation

  • All retreat participants must be 18 or above

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