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Sedona's One-and-Only Health & Wellness Concierge with
Healing From The Future & Wisdom From The Past



Tours of Self-Discovery & Self-Care Retreats

Discover quantum healing from the future & wisdom healing From the past
  • Daily opportunities for Frequency, Light and Sound-based technologies & natural sessions

  • Small private groups with health-conscious intent to change something in each life

We are a local heath & wellness tour company based in the vibrant red rocks of Sedona Arizona. We have curated a select list of sessions to help you access the best natural healing & new technologies available. We coordinate all sessions at our Center, including various customized tours to hand-selected healing locations in and around Sedona (and Phoenix). Choose from 3-4 hour or 6-8 hour Packages, and add on additional sessions as desired).

We offer a concierge service to easily coordinate your visit, and driver as needed (up to 4 people, or larger groups with advance notice), you can caravan with us. We'll supply location information after we coordinate appointments).

What makes us unique is that we focus on new technologies of light, sound & vibration that bridge old & new methods.


We know these key healing centers intimately through extensive personal connections, experiences and relationships with our hand-selected venues---we first consult with you then recommend the best tour package for your health & wellness needs for your body, mind & spirit.

We also offer seasonal retreat packages.


Check out all our session day tours & retreats, then:

CALL 928-202-9494 to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to determine your interests and needs, and match them with available services (& inquire more about these natural & new technologies).



Tours of Self-Discovery

These are our custom day tours we coordinate for you by appointment to experience both a "Natural Way" & "New Technologies", located at our homebase Center for Healing Alternatives & at various healing centers primarially in Sedona (and also in Phoenix).

  • Tours are either half-days (3-4 hours) OR full days (6-8 hours)

  •  Build your customized package from our list of sessions available

  • We also offer 2 pre-selected "Sedona Special" Packages to choose from (and add on additional sessions as desired)

Review all the session options we have available here:


Self-Care Retreats

Our customized Retreats are unique to this area--we have pre-packaged various sessions & visits on the land. They are sure to satisfy your curiosity, inspire you in many ways, and assist in your continued health, healing and activation. 

We have chosen a select grouping of sessions & activities that you will be delighted to experience... review our retreat information and all we have in store for you. 

Additionally, we also feature key events & gatherings for each season--including special events on moon cycles, solstices & equinoxes.

  • For singles or groups

  • Pre-payment plans to fit your budget 



"I'd been running marathons for many years until I'd been sidelined recently for no known reason. When I mentioned it to my friend, she handed me her cold red laser and ionizer and told me to rotate it over my knee for 3 minutes. I instantly felt the heat from within, but more importantly, when I went out the next morning, I could run again and I'm still running! I could hardly believe it."


The natural, integrative, frequency, light, sound and alternative technologies, protocols or formulas directly offered or indirectly presented by Center for Healing Alternatives (CHA) are for you and your healthcare provider to make informed decisions about your health. Without FDA evaluation, results are for research, education and self-discovery, and not intended to diagnose any disease or illness, treat any condition, or replace the advice of a medical doctor or health care professional. CHA and its third party vendors are not licensed medical doctors and are not providing medical advice, or diagnosing or treating any condition you may have. 

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